What clients have said:

"Thank you so much for last Friday, I so enjoyed it and learned so much.  I think your process is spot on and adaptable to any industry"
-Leanne Cluley (Managing Director, Reduxo)

"Thanks for a great session on Friday - I got a lot out of the afternoon, especially the way you pulled the various aspects into a very clear model. An excellent refresher for those with some awareness and a great starter for those just starting out"
- Peter Southern (General Manager, Edge Group)

"Thanks for the web workshop session, it has given me lots of ideas to work on and was well worth the money"
- Darren Goldsborough (Principal Consultant, EMtek)

"Thankyou Matthew, the workshop was an eye opener and gave me a whole range of ideas that I didn't have before"
- Martin Lloyd Smith (Principal Consultant, MineSmith)

Client Sourcing For Consultants Web Workshop

A 1 hour web-based workshop introducing the
Client Sourcing Process™ a proven system for creating a regular flow of high quality clients.
Clients we've helped:
Web Workshop - $149.00 Inc GST
Join our live workshop delivered via the web
12.00pm - 1.00pm AEDT on above dates

We introduce you to our Client Sourcing Process™ a proven system for creating a regular flow of high quality prospects who are interested to learn more about your products or services.

Workshop Agenda:

1) Build-up a network of high value contacts through social media

2) Monetise your knowledge & IP using e-mail marketing

3) Convert more high value prospects into long term clients

4) How to find 200,000+ decision makers using LinkedIn
advance search queries

Thursday January 12th 2017
(12.00pm - 1.00pm AEDT via Web)

Thursday January 19th 2017
(12.00pm - 1.00pm AEDT via Web)

Wednesday January 25th 2017
(12.00pm - 1.00pm AEDT via Web)
MMkt, DipMgt (Swin) CertIV SmlBusMgt (RMIT) CertIII InfTech (MSC)
Matt is a strategic marketing consultant with a deep understanding
of what makes marketing work...

Matt distills over 16 years of marketing experience into an engaging & inspirational workshop that enables participants to walk away with a sense of clarity & empowerment for achieving their goal.

Matt developed the 'LinkedIn Lead-Gen Process' - unique IP designed to help client's achieve their business growth goal in less time, for less cost.
"Your message is very clever. It is a conversation starter, not intrusive and on topic. Words put together very well. I normally don't reply to these kind of messages, but I'm really interested in online and social media marketing and I believe you have an excellent process to reach people through LinkedIn"
- Pablo Santamaria
(Managing Director, 8 Web Design)

"It certainly takes a great amount of courage to generate a conversation, let alone an interest with someone you have never met. So, kudos to you"
- Stafford Kearns (Principal Consultant, Perfect Your Process)

"Thanks for introducing your process, impressive straight to the point intro,
I like it"
- Michael Wilmot
(Proprietor, Michael Wilmot Consulting Services)

"A good marketing approach well thought out"
- John Kerry
(General Manager, Acetek)

"Really liked your approach to opening up a rapport" 
- Andrea Blunden
(Owner, Gretchen Operations)

"Good job with your approach and marketing process - it's different"
- Leigh Stafford
(Managing Director, Leading Matters)

Networking Commitment:

We're committed to matching participants from similar industries and backgrounds in our our web workshops, to encourage mutually benefical networking.