Innovation Marketing Strategy

Innovation is key the survival of any business, even if that business only wants to survive. We help our clients innovate by developing innovation marketing strategies which ensure that product/service innovation efforts are closley matched with proven market wants/demands.


What We Do

We incorporate marketing into the innovation process to ensure that our clients product/service innovations are closley alligned to the wants and demands of their customers. We develop marketing strategies that articuluate how innovation can be supported by key marketing areas including:

  • Deep Customer Insights
    A deep understanding of customer wants, needs, buying patterns and behaviours is invaluable in guiding the direction of product/service innovation. We help clients deepen their understanding of their customers with market research, and analysing customer intelligence to gain new insights that support and guide innovation.

  • Emerging Customer Needs
    Market research and customer intelligence can substantiate the current wants & needs of customers, but may not provide insight into emering or upcoming wants & needs of the future. We work with clients to identify emerging customer wants & needs and capitalise on these opportunities.

  • Innovation & Marketing Collaboration
    Innovation and marketing have commonly been known as two distinct functions, however marketing as a function is growing in importance and accountability. We assist clients to facilitate collaboration between product/service innovation teams and marketing teams and harmonise their respective goals in order to achieve business growth.

  • Innovation Piloting
    Testing new product/service innovations and their allignment to customers wants & needs substantiates if the innovations will provide business growth and/or competitive advantage. We assist clients establish a process to pilot new product/service innovations, measure how customers respond to them, and then refine innovations based on customer data.


How We Help

We help our clients overcome marketing challenges that will enable and empower their business to grow. We add value to our clients businesses by consulting, planning and advising.

How we add value to our clients:

1) We consult with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and the marketing challenges they face, and we build internal partnerships of mutual trust.

2) We plan smart marketing strategies that equip our clients with clear and implementable action steps for acheiving their marketing objectives.

3) We advise our clients on key marketing issues and challenges, and provide guidence on how to overcome them based on proven methodology.

Key questions we help clients answer:

  • How do we discover market wants & needs using market research?

  • How do we utilise existing customer data to identify customer needs?

  • How do we identify emerging customer needs that we can capitalise on?

  • How do we establish internal collaboration between marketing & innovation?

  • How do we integrate market research into our innovation process?

  • How do we test innovations to ensure alignment with customer wants/needs?


Our Approach

We put our clients first - our client's success is our success. We build collaborative partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust and common goals. Our approach incorporates:

  • Trust - We establish mutual trust and respect based upon our core values
  • Collaboration - We build open, communicative relationships with stakeholders
  • Smart Thinking - We solve problems through smart lateral thinking
  • Pragmatism - We maintain a focus on practical implications
  • Accountability - We are accountable in our consulting and recommendations


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