Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy

Introducing new products, services or solutions involves marketing to customers in new ways. We help our clients identify emerging market opportunities, capitalise on those opportunities with the introduction of new products/services or solutions, and minimise risk through incremental marketing campaigns.


What We Do

We assist our clients to introduce new products, services or solutions to customers by developing entrepreneurial marketing strategies. Our strategies are focussed on identifying and responding to market opportunities and we do this by articulating several key areas within our strategies:

  • Target Audience
    Knowing precisely who to target and what segments will be the most profitable target audience is an essential foundation in introducing new products/services to the market. We examine customer data in order to build detailed target audience profiles to identify the optimal audience that new products/service should be targed to.

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    We examine how our clients businesses are positioned in relation to competitors and customers, and how their new products/service impacts their present positioning. We then work with our clients to define strong points of differentiation that will drive sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Channels & Promotion
    Digital technologies have added to the complexity of selecting the most effective channels and promotional activities for lead generation and retention. We utilise our practical marketing experience to advise clients on the best channels and promotions for achieving lead generation and conversion objectives.

  • Marketing Return on Investment
    Cruicial to all marketing strategies and campaigns is ensuring return on investment. Our philosophy is that marketing needs to be accountable as a business function and we work with our clients to mitigate risk through incremental marketing campaign execution and establishment of metrics for success measurement.


How We Help

We help our clients overcome marketing challenges that will enable and empower their business to grow. We add value to our clients businesses by consulting, planning and advising.

How we add value to our clients:

1) We consult with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and the marketing challenges they face, and we build internal partnerships of mutual trust.

2) We plan smart marketing strategies that equip our clients with clear and implementable action steps for acheiving their marketing objectives.

3) We advise our clients on key marketing issues and challenges, and provide guidence on how to overcome them based on proven methodology.

Key questions we help clients answer:

  • How do we define goals that clearly encapsulate where we want to be?

  • How do we educate internal staff and partners about our new products/services?

  • How do we select the best target audience & segment for maximum sales conversions?

  • How do we leverage our new products/services to gain a sustainable competitive advantage?

  • How do we select the optimal channels, promotions & agencies to promote our new products/services?

  • How do we ensure return on investment from marketing our new products/services?


Our Approach

We put our clients first - our client's success is our success. We build collaborative partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust and common goals. Our approach incorporates:

  • Trust - We establish mutual trust and respect based upon our core values
  • Collaboration - We build open, communicative relationships with stakeholders
  • Smart Thinking - We solve problems through smart lateral thinking
  • Pragmatism - We maintain a focus on practical implications
  • Accountability - We are accountable in our consulting and recommendations


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