Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is being fundamentally changed by digital technologies that are altering the way businesses connect with their customers. We work with our clients to develop digital marketing strategies aimed at increasing marketing effectiveness through the uptake of digital technologies.


What We Do

We help clients embrace and capitalise on the power of digital technologies and channels in order to optimise the effectiveness of their marketing. We develop digital marketing strategies focused on transitioning marketing from offline to online by articulating the following key areas:

  • Enhancing Digital Acumen
    Ensuring that all of the marketing team are aware of digital technologies and their impacts is an important foundation, as the future is pointing to a world where there will be no distinction between online and offline marketing. We help our clients build digital technology acumen within their marketing teams.

  • Concentrating Data for Customer Insight
    Customer intelligence systems, customer relationship management systems and social media platforms are providing businesses with an explosion of customer data. We advise our clients on how to concentrate this data and incorporate it into marketing strategy in order to gain deeper insights into customer wants & needs.

  • Digital Channel Transitioning
    The uptake of digital channels such as web and mobile are increasing while traditional channels such as print are declining. We assist our clients to craft marketing messages tailored for digitial, as well as select & transition to the digital channels most effective for their business.

  • Social Media
    Social media has now become an essential and unavoidable part of marketing strategy, yet it is still misunderstood by many businesses who are not reaping the benefits it offers. We work with clients to establish effective social media strategy that links with overall marketing strategy and objectives.


How We Help

We help our clients overcome marketing challenges that will enable and empower their business to grow. We add value to our clients businesses by consulting, planning and advising.

How we add value to our clients:

1) We consult with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and the marketing challenges they face, and we build internal partnerships of mutual trust.

2) We plan smart marketing strategies that equip our clients with clear and implementable action steps for acheiving their marketing objectives.

3) We advise our clients on key marketing issues and challenges, and provide guidence on how to overcome them based on proven methodology.

Key questions we help clients answer:

  • How do we educate our internal staff on digital marketing technologies?

  • How do we implement CRM and customer intelligence systems to identify emerging customer wants/needs?

  • How do we integrate data from customer intelligence/CRM/social media to deepen our understanding of customer wants/needs?

  • How do we select digital channels that will improve our marketing campaign effectiveness?

  • How do we develop compelling digital content for our target audiences?

  • How do we develop a social media strategy that leverages the benefits of social media?

  • How do we compare the effectiveness of offline and online promotional activities?


Our Approach

We put our clients first - our client's success is our success. We build collaborative partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust and common goals. Our approach incorporates:

  • Trust - We establish mutual trust and respect based upon our core values
  • Collaboration - We build open, communicative relationships with stakeholders
  • Smart Thinking - We solve problems through smart lateral thinking
  • Pragmatism - We maintain a focus on practical implications
  • Accountability - We are accountable in our consulting and recommendations


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