Case Studies

The role of marketing is changing... The rapidly changing wants & needs of customers, the transparency of social media, the wide array of new channel choices and the proliferation of data – all requiring the marketing function of tomorrow to be more strategic and digital.

Financial Services - National Australia Bank

NAB’s Collections department call centre faced operational in-efficiencies in the allocation of workstations to its call centre staff. Building consensus amongst stakeholders and thinking laterally to develop a new system proved a winning solution.

Government - Mornington Secondary College

Mornington Secondary College was behind in having an online presence as part of its marketing strategy. A well thought out marketing plan combined with the implementation of a new online presence changed how the college promoted itself.

Information Technology - CyberWeb

CyberWeb, a new business start-up, offered great creative services but needed to propagate a new client base from scratch. Adopting a savvy, entrepreneurial marketing strategy ensured big returns with little outlay.

Mining - Elastomers Australia

Elastomers Australia, the leading provider of screen media solutions to some of the largest mining companies in Australia is currently innovating their product and service offerings in order to offer their customers holistic, consultative based solutions.

Manufacturing - Wainwright Group

Soaring costs to develop and maintain their online marketing saw Wainwright Group stop to examine if their investment was worthwhile. Identifying the reasons why online marketing produced little results and how an overall marketing strategy could turn this around proved to be the best approach.