Our Business Philosophy

Our consulting services are built upon a fundamental business philosophy based upon three essential pillars that are at the heart of any successful business enterprise.

We see these pillars as: Marketing, Innovation & People, and we define them as; a fundamental group of resources, functions and activities, that if removed or not properly practiced, will cause significant damage and/or eventual cessation of a business.

> Marketing
> Innovation
> People


Marketing today goes beyond just promotion and the four P’s. In the broadest sense, marketing is concerned with successfully connecting a business to a market. A business does not exist without a market for its products/services. A market does not exist without a product/service to meet its needs.

Considering the inarguable relationship between a business and a market, it is essential for a successful connection to be made between the two through the practice of marketing, therefore making marketing one of the fundamental pillars of business success.

At fundamental level, a business that merely provides a product or service to a customer is engaging in marketing.

  • A tough question to consider – is your business connected to your market in a way that is achieving optimum market share and sustainable competitive advantage?



The word ‘innovation’ has been over used recently and makes regular appearances in the top agenda of CEO’s worldwide.  Granted, innovation is important, but what does it really mean, and why do we see it as a fundamental pillar of business success?

Customers today are faced with a barrage of choices when selecting products or services. In a competitive environment, there is increasing pressure for businesses to differentiate themselves. Price is an obvious and commonly adopted mechanism of differentiation, but as competition continues to grow globally, we believe innovation will emerge as the most potent tool for achieving increased market share and sustainable competitive advantage.

The less a business innovates, the more difficult it’s task in achieving competitive advantage. Eventually the business will be overtaken by competitors – making innovation one of the fundamental pillars of business success.

  • A tough question to consider – Will product/service innovation position your business to not only merely survive, but also have the potential to become a market leader in your industry/market?



People are not valuable assets to a business, put simply - they are a business. The brightest ideas, the smartest plans, the largest revenues - all amount not nothing without the right people as the driving force behind them. This is why we see people as the third fundamental pillar of business success.

The task of leading a large group of people toward a common organisational goal is no easy feat, however leadership is what ignites and empowers the full potential within all human beings to exert their energies toward a common goal.

It is driven by belief, in the attainment of the goal. Henry Ford’s quote summed it up nicely when he said “whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right"

All individuals within an organisation need to be united in their commitment to the organisations goals. Naturally there will be variation in the level of passion and belief within each individual, and that variation will determine the level of success in the achievement of the organisations goals.

People need to be inspired and empowered with belief in the work they are doing and the goals they are working towards. The right leadership, organisational culture, and balance between organisational and individual goals is the essence of an empowered and committed workforce.

  • A tough question to consider – Do we value our people to the point where they are fully committed and empowered to reach their maximum potential in achieving of both company goals and individual goals?