3) Build-Up Your Professional Network
Leverage the power of LinkedIn, the worlds top B2B social media platform to build-up an even more profitable network.
2) Create a Regular Flow of Quality Prospects
Maintain a regular flow of low volume, high quality leads who are interested to learn about your products & services.
1) Attract & Win New Clients
Open up another channel in addition to word of mouth and referrals to attract & win new clients.
3) Implementation Checklist
We help you instantly deploy and scale-up your LinkedIn
Lead-Gen Process™ with our implementation checklist.

2) Proven Process
We create a tailor-made LinkedIn Lead-Gen Process™ for your business based on your sales objectives and requirements.
1) Marketing Report
We assess your marketing capability and present you with a report that identifies marketing strengths & weaknesses.
Strategy Workshop - $895.00 Inc GST
An insightful half day workshop delivered in-person
at our Glen Waverley office or via web

Group Workshop - $895.00 Inc GST
Half day group workshop with participants from various companies held at the Travelodge Melbourne
The Eureka Room within the Travel Lodge Southbank is where the Group Workshop is delivered
Eureka Room, Travelodge Southbank

Address: 9 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006

Parking: Casual parking available at Southgate car parking located next door.

Public Transport: Alternatively the Travelodge Southbank is a 5 minute walk from Flinders St. Station

Matt Hosting a group workshop in Melbourne
Networking Commitment:

We're committed to matching clients from similar industries and backgrounds into our our web workshop sessions, to encourage mutually beneficial networking.

What clients have said:

"Thank you so much for last Friday, I so enjoyed it and learned so much.  I think your process is spot on and adaptable to any industry"
-Leanne Cluley (Managing Director, Reduxo)

"Thanks for a great session on Friday - I got a lot out of the afternoon, especially the way you pulled the various aspects into a very clear model. An excellent refresher for those with some awareness and a great starter for those just starting out"
- Peter Southern (General Manager, Edge Group)

"Thanks for the web workshop session, it has given me lots of ideas to work on and was well worth the money"
- Darren Goldsborough (Principal Consultant, EMtek)

"Thankyou Matthew, the workshop was an eye opener and gave me a whole range of ideas that I didn't have before"
- Martin Lloyd Smith (Principal Consultant, MineSmith)

"Your message is very clever. It is a conversation starter, not intrusive and on topic. Words put together very well. I normally don't reply to these kind of messages, but I'm really interested in online and social media marketing and I believe you have an excellent process to reach people through LinkedIn"
- Pablo Santamaria
(Managing Director, 8 Web Design)

"It certainly takes a great amount of courage to generate a conversation, let alone an interest with someone you have never met. So, kudos to you"
- Stafford Kearns (Principal Consultant, Perfect Your Process)

"Thanks for introducing your process, impressive straight to the point intro,
I like it"
- Michael Wilmot
(Proprietor, Michael Wilmot Consulting Services)

"A good marketing approach well thought out"
- John Kerry
(General Manager, Acetek)

"Really liked your approach to opening up a rapport" 
- Andrea Blunden
(Owner, Gretchen Operations)

"Good job with your approach and marketing process - it's different"
- Leigh Stafford
(Managing Director, Leading Matters)

MMkt, DipMgt (Swin) CertIV SmlBusMgt (RMIT) CertIII InfTech (MSC)
Matt is a strategic marketing consultant with a deep understanding of what makes marketing work...

Matt distills over 16 years of marketing experience into an engaging & inspirational workshop that enables participants to walk away with a sense of clarity & empowerment for achieving their goal.

Matt developed the 'Marketing Mechanics Model' - unique IP for conceptualising the many complexities of marketing into a simple yet powerful tool, helping client's achieve their goal in less time, for less cost.
Clients we've helped: