Case Study - Wainwright (Current Project)

Organisation – Wainwright Group
Organisation Size - Medium
Industry – Manufacturing
Expertise – Marketing Consulting

Soaring costs to develop and maintain their online marketing saw Wainwright Group stop to examine if their investment was worthwhile. Identifying the reasons why online marketing produced little results and how an overall marketing strategy could turn this around proved to be the best approach.

The Challenge

The Wainwright Group was founded by O.F. Wainwright sixty years ago and has now become a leading manufacturer in conveyor belt technology. The Wainwright Group’s online marketing was incurring large costs to the business, but was not showing substantial results in terms of lead generation and return on investment. The challenges facing the Wainwright Group include:

> How to optimise online marketing efforts for improved lead generation
> How to create an overall marketing strategy tailored to B2B (business to business) customers
> How to highlight Wainwright Group’s significant history and experience for maximum advantage


In order to solve this problem and overcome challenges, understanding the specific reasons why previous online marketing efforts did not produce adequate lead generation results was crucial. From there creating a revised online marketing strategy that addressed these isses would ensure future online marketing would deliver return on investment.


Marketing Masters is helping Wainwright Group solve these key challenges - A careful review of why previous online marketing efforts didn't produce results combined with a new marketing strategy for boosting lead generation and conversion for both online and offline is being developed.


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