Case Study - National Australia Bank (NAB)

Organisation – National Australia Bank (NAB)
Organisation Size - Corporate
Industry – Financial Services
Expertise – Management Consulting

NAB’s Collections department call centre faced operational in-efficiencies in the allocation of workstations to its call centre staff. Building consensus amongst stakeholders and thinking laterally to develop a new system proved a winning solution for solving this challenge.

The Challenge

The call centre environment of the Collections department within NAB faced an operational challenge in allocating available call centre workstations to call centre agents with varying and conflicting rosters. This problem created operational inefficiencies for the business including:

> Restricting the total amount of agents that could work at any given time
> Contributing to employee turn-over through agents being isolated from their fellow team members
> Increasing the ‘off-call time’ of agents who were searching for available workstations.


In order to solve this problem and overcome operational inefficiencies, stake-holders including the executive manager and project sponsor, operational managers, team leaders and call centre agents were all consulted with in order to identify and prioritise their individual needs.

Managers wanted to ensure call centre capacity was used to maximum potential, team leaders wanted to ensure they could easily allocate workstations to their team members, and call centre agents wanted to ensure they could sit near their fellow team members.

Stakeholders were then consulted to build consensus around prioritising the conflicting needs, such as balancing the need to achieve maximum usage of call centre capacity with the need for agents to be sit within their teams.


The solution was to develop a database system that recorded workstation allocations throughout the call centre and matched those allocations with the varying rosters of call centre agents. Metrics were introduced to measure overall call centre capacity utilisation as well as the proximity of agents to their teams.

Managers, team leaders and call centre agents were educated on how the system was designed and how to use it to manage workstation allocations. The system was subsequently rolled-out, piloted and adopted by the NAB Collections department.

The system ensured optimal utilisation of the call centre’s capacity, improved operational efficiency by enabling team leaders to easily allocate workstations, and contributed to morale by ensuring call centre agents could sit within proximity to their team.

“Matthew has been an asset to my team where he demonstrated a flexible approach to accommodating constantly changing business, technological and regulatory requirements”

- Shraddha Panday Executive Manager, Dialler & Workforce Planning (National Australia Bank)


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