Case Study - Mornington Secondary College

Organisation – Mornington Secondary College
Organisation Size - Medium
Industry – Government
Expertise – Marketing Consulting

Mornington Secondary College was behind in having an online presence as part of its marketing strategy. A well thought out marketing plan combined with the implementation of a new online presence changed how the college promoted itself.

The Challenge

The increase of enrolments amongst secondary students at Mornington Secondary College highlighted a need for the college to improve its external marketing and in particular develop its first online web presence. The lack of an effective web presence for the college posed several challenges including:

> The inability to effectively promote the college, its values and facilities to prospective students/parents
> The inability for current students and staff to easily access and share information onlin


In order to solve this problem and overcome challenges, the college principal as well as several departmental heads were consulted to ascertain the goals of promoting the college, who the target audiences were, and the how a new online presence could be used to promote the college.

A website was adopted as the primarily channel for promoting the college externally, and an online newsletter was adopted as channel for promoting information internally. Key to developing the new website was establishing a brand that was aligned to the school’s values, logo and existing marketing collateral.


The solution was to create a marketing plan that would set out specific marketing objectives and guide how the new website should be designed.

The marketing plan entailed identifying both internal and external target audiences, identifying a brand image that accurately represented the school's values and distinguishing between internal and external marketing objectives.

The marketing plan and new website were both implemented, promoting the college to prospective students/parents, establishing a new brand image for the college, and improving internal communications.

“I was extensively involved in working closely with Matt Chaban - at all times he was very professional in his approach and attentive to detail”

Ken Slater – College Principal (Mornington Secondary College)


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