Case Study - CyberWeb

Organisation – CyberWeb
Organisation Size - Small
Industry – Information Technology
Expertise – Marketing Consulting

CyberWeb, a new business start-up, offered great creative services but needed to propagate a new client base from scratch. Adopting a savvy, entrepreneurial marketing strategy ensured big returns with little outlay.

The Challenge

CyberWeb was a new business start-up that began in middle of the ‘’ boom providing graphic and website design services – as a start-up business with limited funds and resources, the challenge was to propagate a new client base from scratch using minimal resources. Being a new start-up posed several marketing challenges including:

> How to exhibit a highly professional image of the new business to prospective clients
> How to establish credibility with prospective clients, without previous work
> How to discover what promotional channels/activities would be most effective in generating leads


In order to solve this problem and overcome challenges, a savvy entrepreneurial approach was needed. It was decided that CyberWeb would market itself in the way an already established and/or larger design agency would, refining the promotional activities and building credibility with each new client project.

Traditional marketing with a large budget was not available, rendering expensive advertising, complex segmentation and use of various channels as irrelevant. Instead lateral thinking, out of the box ideas, value adding offers, test and assess methodology and defining a very strong competitive position were all used to kick-start sales.


The solution was to create a highly professional brand that would project credibility & professionalism, to test and assess various promotional activities with the limited budget, and enhance prospect conversion rates through value adding.

Identifying what promotional activities would be most effective with a minimal budget was difficult and could only be done through trial and error. To get the most from the minimal budget, promotional activities (including: print advertising, online advertising, telemarketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and social media) were all tested and with lead generation results closely monitored. This resulted in identification of the most effective promotional activities.

Finally a sales process was put in place for nurturing incoming leads and prospects. Free consultations were offered to build trust with prospects by adding value to their business, substantially increasing the chance of converting prospects into paying clients.


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