Many business owners start an enterprise to increase
their personal wealth & professional freedom...

Yet so many never achieve the level of wealth & freedom they really desire... Why?

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve put in countless hours developing and delivering
an outstanding product/service that you know is much better than the competition.

Your efforts pay off by winning you profitable clients who spread the word to their trusted friends…
You then win some referrals and more clients, and so the journey goes – satisfied clients spreading
the word by what we commonly call ‘word of mouth’.

So why then do so many business owners fail to attain the level of personal wealth and professional freedom they really desire... instead only experiencing a perpetual pendulum of revenue highs & lows?

The story of being swamped...

You may know the story of being totally swamped by tight client deadlines,
working an 80 hour week to keep clients happy.

There's no time for marketing because you're flat out with little time for anything else...
but hey, your business (and profits) are growing!

Then your main project becomes complete. You have more time on your hands.

Suddenly the next few projects you were counting on all become postponed until next month,
next quarter, next year. Slowly funds get low. Now you have too much time on your hands.

You have no idea when you’ll be busy (and profitable) again and
so the pendulum from revenue high to low has swung.

Perhaps we could call this ‘the inevitable business cycle’ which must be
weathered in good times and bad - however that sounds ominously similar to another
old adage which I believe is costing business owners dearly…

'The Word of Mouth Myth'

I call it ‘the Word of Mouth Myth’ - the maxim that "a good product or service will
always sell itself through word mouth"

This used to be true in the past, especially if you were selling products... but not
anymore in the present world of less loyalty and prolific competition.

Unfortunately, so many business owners who desire to achieve profitable business growth short-change themselves by believing in the word of mouth myth - the certainty that word of mouth alone will perpetually provide sufficient clients to grow their business.

Don’t get me wrong, word of mouth is a potent force... however word of mouth in and of itself simply isn’t powerful enough to achieve profitable business growth.

The good news is, there is something out there that is… I call it Proactive Marketing.

What is Proactive Marketing?

Proactive Marketing is the enabler of profitable business growth,
and the emancipator of revenue highs and lows.

Proactive Marketing is quite different from the traditional marketing most of us are familiar with.

It doesn’t involve doing an endless cold calling campaign, nor spending huge sums on advertising,
both of which deliver very little result.

Proactive Marketing is the art of proactively attracting the right kind of clients to your business,
in a systematic and sustainable way. Clients, that you know with absolute certainty you can
add significant value to, and build long term relationships with.

Attracting these kind of clients can exponentially grow your business – but therein
lies the key: you need to 'proactively' attract them, rather than hope they'll come to you.

Why do we believe the myth?

It’s understandable why so many business owners continue to believe in the word of mouth myth, and rely on it as their sole source of new clients. In fact, I don’t blame them, because we are swamped by a myriad of marketing and advertising choices – all of which do very little to attract the right kind of clients to our business.

Proactive marketing puts the power back into the hands of savvy business owners, enabling them to leverage the quality & quantity of prospective clients flowing into their business (and if done properly, for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising)

Profitable Business Growth:

I’m always impressed by innovative services created by savvy business owners - and what’s
really exciting is when they combine these services with proactive marketing and achieve the
level of personal wealth & professional freedom they really d

This winning combination initiates a trajectory of profitable business growth far more
impressive than one based soley on the word of mouth myth.

Profitable business growth can be a very laborious journey if you’re depending on the word of mouth myth.

Be proactive, and add Proactive Marketing to your m